Our Supporting Cast

Here is our first dog, Maya.  This is when we first got her and she was only 45 lbs.  Full grown, she was 70 lbs.  She was as sweet and loving as a dog could be.   She died of a sudden apparent heart attack when she was barely 3 years old, in July, 2000.
Family photo at Monterey, March 1998.
This is Delilah, when we got her, at age 12 weeks, July 1998.  She was just a little scraggly bundle of love.
And here's Delilah, all grown up and queen of the house, until...
Paco!  Yes, with little knowledge of what we were doing, but lots of emptiness left by Maya's passing, we adopted Paco.  We found him in a "foster home" after his pregnant mother was rescued from extermination at the pound by the Purebred Rescue Society.  He was 10 weeks, 20 lbs, shepherd/Catahoule mix.
Not yet taking up much room on his full-sized bed!
Paco with a small cornstarch bone (we now know doesn't agree with him).
The queen of the house beginsanew, the process of setting boundaries with a sibling--this time a brother.  Though Paco looks patient enough here, not every encounter is so calm--an ongoing challenge for him and for us.