Uncategorized 06 Jun 2002 07:11 pm

What you know may hurt you

Some think that education for all will be the downfall of us all :-). Actually. that is a gross mis-interpretation of the review’s contents. Even without the sensational mis-interpretation, I still want to read the book.

The book attacks the premise that ‘higher education for the masses is a tool for economic growth’. The few points mentioned in the review do seem plausible problems with the premise. I hadn’t really thought about it before. I will be watching how it turns out for Britain as it appears that education is PM Tony Blair’s solution to economic woes in Britain.

I wonder though, if unintended, “emergent” benefits of a substantially more educated populace might overcome the problems observed by the book? The egalitarian in me wants to believe that a more-educated people would obviate the problems of declining growth by doing something sensible like say, adopting policies for economic reform that focused on sustainability instead of constant expansion.

Naaaaahhhhh. That could never happen.

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