Uncategorized 25 May 2002 09:31 pm


Today was fun. It was really warm so we went to the reservoir. Also, Kristin had gotten me a wonderful anniversary present that
I wanted to try out. Man was it fun. I paddled up and down the reservoir while Kristin and Paco played in the water by the launch ramp. Not sure why she didn’t want to try it, but I had a blast.

Last year when we got the canoe, my hope was to go all the time, and for quite a while we did. However, I found myself wanting to go even more. The canoe is a lot for one person. This fits the bill perfectly. Now, before work in the mornings I can head over to the reservoir and get in a paddle.

Just what I wanted.

After a little practice, I hope to get a wetsuit and take it to the surf. That should be a lot of fun. And maybe a nice first step towards surfing.

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