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Math fun

Recreational Math Problems
Listed the problem below. I worked out a solution using a little program, mostly as a time saver
for all the necessary steps, and in preparation for solving another harder problem.
I have an answer I think. Actually I have many answers :-). But one particular, seems liek it should be right, but
I don’t know why. Email me if you try it and want to see my program and the answer I came up with.
I know I am missing something, but not sure what.

9. Mailmen
Level of difficulty: 3-4
You overhear two mailmen having the following conversation:

A: I know you have three sons. How old are they?

B: If you take their ages, expressed in years, and multiply
these numbers, you’ll get a number equal to your age.

A: But that’s not enough information!

B: The sum of these three numbers equals the number of windows
in that building (indicates a building).

A: Hmm…(pause). But it’s still not enough information!

B: My middle son is red-haired.

A: Ah, now it’s clear!

9.1. How old are the three sons?

(You may assume if necessary that mailmen, being government employees, are between the ages of 18 and 65.)

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