Uncategorized 26 Jan 2002 07:07 am

Opera Browser

Opera is a really cool browser. I think it will become my standard browser. I have tweaked and played with it for the last day or so while doing other things and I am able to everything I could do before, plus several other things. Like automatically searching/looking up in dictionary/encyclopedia any selected text, and the zooming in and out of a web page is fun. Though I don’t expect I’ll use it that much. I also like that it lets you choose which user agent to bill yourself as so as to deal with web site operators who are still learning how to program boundary cases :-).

Also, it does javascript so all of my bookmarklets for things like blogging, and my bookmark pages work. Even though I had to tweak the post to mt blog bookmarklet for some reason. My guess is that some part of the DOM manipulation it was doing was not supported by Opera. Not a priority at this time to figure out.

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