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The Future of Reputation

The Future of Reputation full text online.

2 Responses to “The Future of Reputation”

  1. on 24 Feb 2008 at 6:26 pm 1.Kevin Lawrence said …


    Hey – maybe you could start Google Justice and use a Social Network of the Whole World to mete out the Punishment of Shaming for every violation of Social Norms?

    The So-Called Guilty People could buy the Moral Equivalent of AdWords to pay their Debt to Society (or Google) as a way to Wipe Out the Stain of Shame from their Reputation?

    Teh Intarwebs are All Powerful!

  2. on 24 Feb 2008 at 7:11 pm 2.Bob said …

    Hahaha. It sounds like you have just reinvented indulgences, or a new game show called “The Wheel of Justice”. “Hi Pat, I’ll remove the Scarlet letter ‘A’ for 500 please.” “Oh, I’m sorry Virginia, there is no remove Scarlet letter ‘A’ on the board.”

    And not to mention,

    “No one expects the Social Inquisition!”

    umm… that was weird. Anyway, not to mention, the seeds of a reputation management system. The idea that past transgressions never goes away has really impacted how I answer this comment 🙂

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