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Guitar Music

Kevin is looking for good music and I had been meaning to create a list of guitar-related music anyway. I repeat it here for my own reference.

Here’s a list, not just of Latin stuff, but of great guitar stuff. Be warned, I’ve been meaning to make this list for along time, so it got pretty long (future me says).

Paco de Lucia — Killer nuevo flamenco
anything on Cositas Buenas

Paco Peña — The best traditional flamenco player in the world
The Art of Paco Peña album is a good survey

John McLaughlin — Very progressive guitar from the 70’s.
He played with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew.
He also had a band called the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
The Dance of Maya on The Inner Mounting by Mahavishnu Orchestra is insane. Really.
Friday Night in San Francisco with him, Paco de Lucia, and Al DiMeola is an amazing album. I can’t froth enough. Particularly, Short Tales of the Black Forest

John Williams — Amazing Classical Guitarist
I am particularly enjoying his album The Great Paraguayan songs by Barrios
Vals No. 4 rocks

Andres Segovia’s Bach Recordings are superb, and very intricate stuff, might get a kid interested due to the technical complexity

AC/DC — Back in Black, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell

Sonic Youth — Alternate tunings inspired by PCP
Titanium Expose on Goo

The Allman Brothers Band — Duane Allman and Dickie Betts — dude
Blue Sky
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Hot Lanta
Les Brers in A Minor

Yes – Steve Howe rocks
Mood for a Day
The Clap

B.B. King — have him listen to how he phrases and uses slides between notes.

John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters — Easy to play, but the soul of all rock
Boom Boom Boom

Howling Wolf
Little Red Rooster, Killing Floor

Stevie Ray Vaughn
Cold Shot

Built to Spill — emo rock, but good stuff
The Plan

Charlie Hunter Quartet — Great guitarist, plays an 8 string: 3 bass 5 treble strings
Come as you are is a good intro

Cream — Eric Clapton

Django reinhardt — might be too far out for him, Great Gypsy Jazz from early last century

Enrique Coria — Superbly played latin music, many different south american and central american folk styles. He lives in San Rafael too.
Nevando Esta on The Guitar Artistry of Enrique Coria

Jane’s Addiction
Idiots Rule on Nothing’s Shocking

Jimi Hendrix
Add Crosstown Traffic to the list

Larry Coryell — Intense Jazz solo guitarist
Giant Steps on Dragon’s Gate

Steely Dan
Kid Charlemagne

Led Zeppelin
Add, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Celebration Day — OK, all of III, In my Time of Dying form Physical Graffiti

Smashing Pumpkins
SilverFuck on Siamese Dreams

Battery, Master of Puppets on Master of Puppets

Add Sunshine of Your Love,

Neil Young
Down by the River

Piglet — Math Rock, A little repetitive, but fun and intricate cycles,
Little Bubble, Where You Going? on Lava Land

The Police
Synchronicity 2

The Raconteurs — Jack White from the White Stripes
Steady as She Goes, Level from Broken Boy Soldiers

The SilverSun Pickups new Song, Lazy Eye has some decent guitar

Queens of the Stone Age
Little Sister, Go with the Flow

Robert Cray
Smoking Gun

Robert Johnson
Cross Road Blues

Roy Rogers
Spanish blues

I would pick Guajira, and Jungle Strut in addition to Black Magic Woman, and Soul Sacrifice because it is one of the best songs ever

Gift on File Under Easy Listening

U2 —
11′ O Clock tick tock, Bullet the Blue Sky, Sunday Bloody Sunday

Hexenzsene on New Plastic Ideas

Swung from the Gutters on TNT

Stray Cats
Stray Cat Strut

PJ Harvey
Sheela-Na-Gig on Dry — Note, this has pretty mature lyrics, but it’s tough music, and there is some great guitar in there as well.

Circle Jerks
When the Shit Hits the Fan, or Coup D’etat on Golden Shower of Hits — Punk Rock!

Dead Kennedys — East Bay Ray makes the guitar do his bidding, and besides everybody should enjoy the sarcasm of the Dead Kennedys
Holiday in Cambodia, California Uber Alles — Punk Rock!

Bad Brains — Bad Ass Rasta Punks from D.C.
Fearless Vampire Killers, Banned in D.C. on Rock for Light — produced by Ric Ocasek

Waiting Room on 13 Songs

OK, not punk, but also

Heart – Barracuda

Alright, I’m quitting now. I feel like John Cusack’s character in Hi Fidelity.

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