Humor 28 Apr 2007 01:19 pm

Self-reflective spam

I received a spam email today with the subject line:

Subject: But let us set aside the fact that you are unable to accept a single word I utter at face value.

I promptly marked it as junk, but the subject was brilliant nonetheless.

I now actually anticipate with glee the series of spam messages with better subjects:

Subject: You would be really interested if this weren’t spam

Subject: I can’t believe I am sending this garbage to you, but here goes

Subject: Barnum’s subject. If you are, please read.

And so forth. Any good meta spam subject lines that should cruise by a filter?

One Response to “Self-reflective spam”

  1. on 03 May 2007 at 3:19 pm 1.Jen said …

    One of my favorites:
    He had to tend strictly to his list today, and not let his curiosity make him wander off course.

    This one was just weird:
    As to the why, it could be because you are harboring guilt that you are the reason he is dead.

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