Programming Languages &Software 31 Jan 2007 12:59 pm


Links is Philip Wadler‘s language project designed for the purpose of building web apps and overcoming the impedance mismatch of carrying semantic information across all the necessary tiers, e.g., javascript -> appserver -> database.

Given that he is one of the icons of the functional programming world, it is of course a functional language. The backend generates code targeted at specific frameworks in each of the tiers of the web app.

It looks very promising. The idea that the compiler could reason about the whole stack, and that the developer could reason about the whole application in one language seems really appealing. I wonder how well the Link language will match the tasks done in each tier? That is, SQL is a very expressive way to query a relational database. Will Link be as intuitive?

I don’t so much care as long as it is successful and moves us more towards functional languages 🙂

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