Philosophy &Politics 10 Oct 2006 03:29 pm

Thinking Points by George Lakoff

I just picked up Thinking Points by George Lakoff. I read the first few chapters over lunch, and so far I am impressed. It is an easy read, and it is optimistic; It posits that if progressives authentically and articulately talk about progressive values then they will win the majority of votes.

The problem, the book states, is that progressives don’t know how to talk about their values because the values are so much a part of American life that they are taken for granted. The rest of the book plans to lay out these values in articulate terms that can be used to communicate with bi-conceptuals (formerly called the swing voters.)

Though some of the intro material is a restatement of his previous work, I am looking forward to the presentation of the values; I wonder how they will compare to my own values. It’s also interesting that the book is the kickoff to a website for the creation of a progressive manual.

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