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Logical Fallacy Name?

I assume my learned audience will be able to help me out with this question. What is the name of the logical fallacy that takes the form:

“Well, if we didn’t do it someone else would.”

Also, related to this is the logical fallacy,

“We’re just giving the people what they want.”

Anyone know the name of that fallacy? I think the second can be considered the fallacy, ad populum, Appeal to the Majority. In which, it is asserted that a statement is true because a large number of people believe it’s true.

If that is so, then I suspect that the first fallacy is a different kind.

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  1. on 06 Sep 2006 at 9:23 pm 1.beepbeepitsme said …

    My guess is that it is related to the false dilemma fallacy. This is where only 2 options are presented when in reality there might be numerous options.

    Coomon name is: “the you are either for us or against us fallacy.”

    RE: logical fallacy

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