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Haskell School of Expression and X11 on Intel Macs

For all those who might want to learn Haskell with the cool multimedia approach of Hudak, in Haskell School of Expression, and who use an Intel Mac, here’s a helpful piece of advice that it took me some time to hunt down.

I installed the XCode tools and the X11SDK.pkg, but the X11 app launcher that is supposed to show up in /Applications/Utilities never showed up. After looking around, I found someone’s answer in the comment section at The UNoffical Apple Weblog. Thanks! Essentially, you need to do a search on the Install Disk 1 of your OS X media, and you will find the X11User.pkg in /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Installation/Packages/X11User.pkg. Install that and you should be able to run X11 which is required to run the graphics apps in the School of Expression. I have no idea why Apple does not provide a link to it in the install windows. Or why I and others couldn’t find it if they did.

One more thing to make X11 easier to use. For me, it came up in full screen mode. Thus I could not see any of my other apps. COMMAND-OPTION-A will toggle. Then you can go to the X11 preferences, and unclick the Enter Full Screen Mode so that you can use the X Windows side by side with your quartz windows. See Apple’s Notes for more info.

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    Cool. Glad to hear it was already worth the effort 🙂

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