Muzak 13 Apr 2006 09:43 pm

Los Mocosos Rock!

Los Mocosos are a really good local band, well, San Francisco-local. They mix a lot of different styles into their sound and manage to produce something very cool, and unique. I would describe it as a mixture of Ozomatli, Santana, Ska and Reggae. It’s great to hear a horn section in contemporary music.

You can sample the songs here. I recommend Senor Presidente, which is quite political, Bandolera Era, Vete/El Largo Adios and Volvieron, which show their jazzier side, and Baccalao, which reminds me of Tito Puente. It’s all good.

I heard them today on KPFA on the Stephen Kent show. It was a great show that celebrated the sunshine with a bunch of brass bands. Perfectly fitting after so many days of rain.

One song he played particularly grabbed me, it was called “Gelem, Gelem”, played by the Kochani Orchestra. Turns out it is the anthem of the Gypsy nation, Romani. It starts at about 18 minutes into the show.

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  1. on 16 Apr 2006 at 9:11 am 1.Julio Santos said …

    Cool. If you like ethno-ska stuff, you might enjoy Manu Chao:

    Manu was also the lead singer for Mano Negra, which has been one of my favorite bands since they started, in 88 or something. Mano Negra is more skap/punk than ethno (think The Clash with trumpets) but still very “ethnic”.

    I would recommend starting with Manu Chao, get hooked, then move to Mano Negra 🙂