Apple 09 Apr 2006 06:19 pm

Corsair ValueSelect Memory vs MacBook Pro

So, I love my new MacBook Pro, but I noticed that three times in the last week it has rebooted itself. This is, of course, unacceptable. I ran the hardware diagnostics that came with it, and they reported that everything was fine.

I downloaded a memory test utility called Memtest and ran it. After a while of running, the system rebooted itself, and it did this consistently on multiple runs. So, I took out the Corsair ValueSelect 1gb memory sodimm, and re-ran the tests. They completed successfully. A Google search for ‘Corsair memory Macbook pro’ turned up Corsair’s own help forum where many people reported this memory not working with their MacBook’s.

I am returning the memory to Fry’s. Unfortunately, they don’t have another line of memory that has positive reports. They carry Mushkin, which other people have reported causing reboots, and they carry Patriot, but the series they have has not had any reports at all. Patriot, based in Fremont, did recently announce a Signature line of memory just for the Intel iMacs and the MacBook Pro, which has a different product number, so I am guessing the other product line is not certified and may have problems (better safe than sorry.)

I have had success with Crucial memory in the past and there have been positive reports of using Crucial Memory with MacBook Pros, so I ordered a stick from them which will hopefully work. Since removing the Corsair memory, I have had no other reboots, but it was only this morning, so, I am keeping my eyes open.

Since the reboots leave no trace in any log that I could find, I am trying a trick to tell if it has rebooted. I opened textedit and created an unsaved document that says “I am here” in it. If that goes away, I can assume that I had a reboot. If anyone has a better way to detect a reboot, I would be glad to hear about it.

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