Politics 01 Jan 2004 03:33 pm

Deliberation Day

Legal Affairs: January | February 2004 article about a proposed new holiday called Deliberation Day.
The authors have a book coming out on their proposal and the article provides an overview.

It is a great idea. Essentially, we make our democracy more deliberate and less opinion poll-driven by having a day where citizens deliberately study the issues before an election.

It sounds fantastic, but the authors go to pains to explain how it could actually work. We would replace President’s day with it. All participating citizens get a stipend. Also, any of the costs are negligible when compared to the costs to the democracry of a populace voting uninformed.

I really like the idea and would be glad to participate. I think that a major problem in America is that the public is not getting good information about policy and politicians. We have too much other stuff to do. Allocating a specific day with resources to make it succeed sounds like a great benefit for everyone. Except politicians trading on ignorance. So, it will probably never happen if left to them.

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