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Wallpaper program

So, I finally cleaned up my little wallpaper toy program for others’ consumption. Download executable jar here

Experimental: instead of downloading, try the webstart way. Note: this will ask for privileged access to your machine because I signed the file with a security key. Nothing bad will happen, I am just trying to get it to put any images you want to save in a folder called “prints” in your home directory. To do that means I need to digitally sign the app and you have to give it the requested permissions (assuming you trust me :-))

(On windows your home directory is something like “c:/Documents and Settings/<username>”. On Mac and Unix it is “/home/<username>” or “/Users/<username>” Unfortunately, saving images doesn’t work via the webstart link right now. If you want to save images right now, download the jar in the first link and run it. If you care and you are having trouble, just ask me.

Note on the app itself: It is rough, but it is still fun. I added a history list for the images and rubberbanding as a way to zoom into parts of the image. Resizing an image changes the graph. That should add a new image in the history list, and going back should do a reverse resize. But I haven’t figured that out yet. My initial attempts did not meet with success. Otherwise, have fun. Any features you would like, feel free to let me know.

Safari user Note: for some reason, Safari doesn’t think that it has webstart installed, so use this link to launch it.

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