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Apple Music Store – Live

Apple’s music store has finally got me convinced. At first, it seemed like a good idea, but then last night the killer usage of it hit me.

I was listening to Better Than Ezra‘s Deluxe. I really dig their sound. (So, did this review apparently.) It’s rock and roll, with a bit of a southern drawl to the lyrics and the general feel of the music. I was wondering about other bands that shared that Southern heritage and the pre-grunge drive. Out of the blue, I remembered the band Live. I started humming Operation Spirit (listen) for no particular reason. So, I thought about downloading it from the store. $0.99 right?

Two clicks and a search for “Live” in iTunes, and there is the catalog. I previewed the new song, “Heaven”. Very nice. Ok, onto the real stuff. I started looking at the album, and decided to buy the whole album because I remembered other good songs on it and it’s only $9.99.

Man, almost the whole album rocks. I like some of the later stuff too, but Mental Jewelry has some great songs on it: “Pain Lies by the Riverside”, “You Are the World”, “The Beauty of Gray”, “Brothers Unaware”, “Mirror Song”, and “10,000 years (Peace is Now).”

I like the more innocent, earnest approach in their lyrics. On paper it comes off a little simplistic, but it works in voice. It’s funny to think about that time, 1991, when we were expecting a peace dividend from the cold war ending and then we jumped right into the Gulf War. At the time, I wondered if I should join up and serve. I was in college, thinking of switching to philosophy from EMACS. I’m glad I didn’t join up the service, and the jury is out on the switch to philosophy. I should have done philosphy and emacs 🙂 Either way, the music put me right back there. It is interesting to reflect on that time from this vantage (after the second gulf war, and me now really pursuing the next steps of computer science that I left off then.)

The music is not as heavy as their later stuff (Even though, the new single sounds somewhat like a return.) For me, this album has great intensity, a really driving feel. The mix is much clearer than later stuff. The bass is prominent and articulate and drives, as do the drums. You can really hear the singer’s voice, it has a slight reverb that brings out the ornamentation he adds to the line. The guitar supports well with a standard grunge sort-of-wall-of-sound.

Kristin says the angst makes her tense. Me too. It’s good. Of course, I prefer to eventually overcome my angst, but it’s good… blah blah blah. Art… blah blah suffering… blah blah…catharsis….blah blah blah. You know?

So, upshot of all this is that the Apple Music Store is truly cool. Fairly inexpensive and readily-accessible online music integrated into my music player with one-click buying and previews is truly cool. Almost as cool as the music it provides. This is especially true since I can burn it to cd or put it on my iPod. The only downfall is my pathetically slow connection at this house.

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