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Various sites of varying quality

This is just a list of sites for myself. I came across them this morning and I want to remember them. I don’t necessarily recommend them, as I haven’t read them enough to know. It all started at Dan Gillmor’s page. I do recommend him highly.

The Peace Blogger Project A Clearing house of peaceniks.

Romenesko at Poynter.org an uncle who is in the business turned me on to this good site. It is aimed at journalists.

Paul Krugman debunking the latest theory about the dollar as unit of currency for OPEC being a cause for the war.

An article saying how balanced coverage has been. While I am not sure if I agree, I am aware that most of the major media’s online websites have a link to the antiwar protesting usually within the top 6 stories listed on their sites. I have been consistently impressed by that. Of course, they still downplay the numbers of protesters.

Media Whores On Line Crass format, but lots of individual reports of media crossing the line from journalism to entertainment.

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