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Free Software

Tim O’Reilly’s log is pretty good. I think Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation has it wrong. He believes all software should be free.

As a software developer, I believe the software I create should be whatever I want it to be.

This whole issue of licenses under which software is distributed has gotten a little useless to me. I am grateful for software that people work hard on and then also open the source code. It is immensely wonderful. I respect their gift. I try to make my own contributions where I can.

The notion that there are certain inalienable rights that I might have towards someone else’s creative endeavour is bizarre. It is also bizarre from the perspective of a creator of software. Software is a creative effort by the programmer(s). Software is just like music, poetry or visual art; no one else on the planet has any inalienable right to the art produced by someone else. I may share if I want to share. They may enjoy what I have shared if they want to do so under the terms at which I offer it.

No more no less.

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