Uncategorized 23 Nov 2001 02:34 am

The Title

My weblog title is a silliness made up because the software says you have to have a title (until you learn how to customize it), and as a play on the words “E pluribus unum.” E pluribus unum means “out of many, one”. Way too serious to be the title of a web log but I have a strong tendency to dwell on our nation and its health. Some of my thoughts in this log will likely talk about that, especially in the wake of the USA-Patriot Act, and the string of executive orders(another) passed recently. Not to continue to digress, but for a good rundown of the impact of the Act, check out the EFF’s site. Anyway, the notion of people uniting to protect themselves against unjust rule is very important to me and I will talk about it from time to time. So, with all that in mind, I, self-mockingly, came up with “E Syllabus Anem”, which could mean, “out of a course of study, wind.” That should make a lot of sense about now.

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