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Application Scripting 31 Mar 2006 08:45 am and MediaWiki

I finally set up AppScripting. I wanted it to support itself if possible, so I also setup Google Ads on it. I used the MediaWiki software that powers the WikiPedia to run the site. Integrating Google Ads into the right side of the layout turned out to be quite simple.

I later saw that Julio had a link to a site on setting up MediaWiki in general that looked pretty good.

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Apple 31 Mar 2006 08:38 am

MacBook Pro Shipped!

Alright, the MacBook Pro we just ordered just shipped from Shanghai. Did I mention that my wife is a wonderful person.

  Date/Time   Activity   Location   Details
Mar 31, 2006   11:05 PM

Left origin




   11:02 PM

Picked up



Package received after FedEx cutoff 

   11:09 AM

Package data transmitted to FedEx