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Great Outdoors 04 Apr 2004 04:01 pm

Phone Cam Pics

Here’s a shot of a lizard sitting in the sun the other day. Hadn’t seen any in a while, and it was funny to find one at a restaurant.


Philosophy 04 Apr 2004 01:49 pm

American Culture Essay

Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia

One of the author’s central assertions about American culture is that we are driven by a collective fantasy about how great the future will be:

the assumption that some culminating happiness is possible here…

That’s why you meet so many boring-looking people who see themselves on some technological frontier, dreaming of this innovation or that management technique that will elevate the world…

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Uncategorized 04 Apr 2004 12:24 pm

17 year cycle

After 17 Years, They’re Back, and in the Mood for Love Your 17 year recurring primer on cicadas.