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From large-scale c++ to crafting morality

George Lakoff on war. This is a thought-provoking article. I like the end where he prompts those against war to come up with a compelling moral vision for what the world should be, as opposed to the direction we are currently being led.

Just brainstorming on a vision for a better world:
* I would like us to pull out of Iraq. I would like us to apologize to the Iraqi people and the members of the UN Security Council.

* Let’s stop producing and selling weapons of mass destruction. Let’s become a model of peace so that we can be an example to the world of how to act.

* Let’s get involved in upholding international law as a first principle.

* I would like us to quit approving egregious tax cuts and start creating a balanced budget every year.

* I would like us to remove *all* soft-money campaign contributions and give an allotted amount and free airtime to each candidate. Let’s have many rounds of debate. Let the people ask the candidates and elected officials questions, not just the press corp.

* Limit representatives and senators to 2 terms max. The president to 1.

* Let’s uphold our constitution by broadly protecting the values we have set forth in it, not narrowly. Those ideas are fundamental. Also, let’s recognize that those values are values inalienable to all human beings, not just ones who live on this piece of earth called the US of A.

* I would like us to focus on renewing our education system. We need to learn to think critically about what is coming at us. We could allocate the budget for education from other programs like military initiatives to protect our oil supply overseas.

* With the previous item, we should dedicate ourselves to becoming independent of oil for fuel. Let us focus our nation on a scientific challenge to develop sources of clean, sustainable energy, housing, water, food, and healthcare.

* Let’s figure out how to feed the hungry and help people to become self-sufficient. I am not sure how. We need to do it though.

Ok, so I didn’t intend to do this, but it’s a start. This is the “rational actor” approach I guess as it focuses mostly on our country. Have to figure out how to be more inclusive too.

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Peter Norvig’s Amazon Reviews

I found an interesting link on lemonodor. Peter Norvig’s Amazon reviews. Very oriented to computer programming.

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War preparedness

US Department of Laughs