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Note to self, have kids someday

This is great.

I didn’t go seeking stories about kids or anything today, it just sort of happened.

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New Born baby blog entry

With all the having of babies going on lately, I figured others would enjoy this article too. Perhaps, even more than I can.

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If Java had closures

Article on closures in Java. Ok, now what are these efficiency tricks for heap-allocated activation records.
I think I’ll look into some things. Even though it looks like it mught just be more fun to learn Water.
I was looking at it and noticed that it was inspired by E, which looks very interesting as well. There is a paper explaining the reasoning behind E, from the lambda function all the way to its high level constructs. That looked like a good read.

Oddly enough, it is also the same people who built, Worlds Away, that was bought by Fujitsu Software Corp. and talked about in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon.

Uncategorized 16 Feb 2003 01:27 pm

Live broadcast of the Rally

KPFA is going to start broadcasting the rally about 1:30 pm. We are hanging tight at home waiting for Kristin’s client to call back to see if she is going into labor. That means our headcount would be one less. But we still have Paco. We were thinking of giving him a sign to carry. Either “dogs against war” or “Play fetch not war”

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the Pen is mightier than the sword

Poets against the war.
Rita Dove is such a great writer. there are several really good poems in here though.

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One of the many groups protesting tomorrow

An exchange on read with eyes wide open on this site. some very good stuff and some absolute crap) about meeting for tomorrow’s protest and songs/slogans to sing/chant

In case the link goes away here is an excerpted repost, with the proposed protest songs. I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say (having a lot of money does not necessarily make you evil any more than not having money does), you have to give them credit for being funny and creative though.

“Form a contingent with: Billionaires for Bush’s War!

Join me, Ione U. People, Mya Cash, and other glamourous filthy rich personages in the March on Sunday, February 16. Our goal is to point out how your opposition to the Billionaires for Bush’s War hurts ME, Ione U. People. If this nice little war in Iraq stabilizes oil prices, no social justice for you, silly k-nighits.

If you are interested in joining the Billionaires contingent, email Mya Cash, aka Jennifer Pozner of United for a Fair Economy in New York City, will be making a special appearance and accompany us throughout the day. Mya, I mean Jennifer, says that we need at least 7 people for an effective Billionaire presence. Formal attire of some sort is important.

For an opportunity to protest and make people smile while you do it, join us. For more information about the Billionaires, go to Great ideas for signs and chants there too!



Hello darlings,

My name is Mya Cash, I am a broadcasting billionaire, and a leader of the NYC Billionaires for Bush’s War. I will be traveling to San Francisco for a very lucrative merger deal this weekend, and would like to organize a counter-protest contingent of corporate warmongers to squash dissent in the streets of California. Here are some suggestions:

— Below are some songs that you can sing, that Emily WIlson and I wrote on the bus to DC in October, and that went over incredibly well. If you wish, print them out in large enough numbers that passersby can join in.

“Call & response:
Whose streets? Our streets!
Whose bombs? Our bombs!
Whose tanks? Our tanks!
Whose SUVs? Our SUVs!
Whose energy contracts? Our energy contracts!
Whose Congress? Our Congress!
Whose big penile monument? Our big penile monument! (when we passed the Washington monument)
Whose war? OUR WAR!”

“United we SPEND? your money
United we SHRED? your money
United we BOMB? with your money
In order to MAKE? our money!”

“Stop whining and start bombing!”

“1-2-3-4, we make profits off of war!
5-6-7-8, being rich is really great!”

“Atta boy, Dubya’ Billionaires love ‘ya!
Thanks, Condi Rice, for being so nice!”

“Gimme an M! Gimme an O! Gimme an N! Gimme an E! Gimme a Y!
What’s that spell? Money! What’s that spell? MONEY!”

“Why are we going to war? MONEY!
What do we make when we bomb Iraq? MONEY!
Who’s gonna die? (billionaires pause, shrug, then scream) WHO CARES?”

“Ain’t no power like military power ’cause military power won’t stop! [ka-ching!]”

“We love Bush! We love Dick!”

“Bomb Iraq! Pay us back! ”

“Big Oil’s united! You people ain’t invited! Go home!”

“Forget Halliburton! Cheney’s not hurtin'”
Pay no attention to our man behind the curtain!”

and here’s one from the Halloween Parade with mobilize-ny:

“We want oil! We Want gas! Watch out world, we’ll KICK YOUR ASS!”

these were slogans:

The World Is Our Gas Station

Military Tribunals are for Poor Countries’ Leaders”

Billionaires for Bush’s War: Providing Quality Weapons since Desert Storm

Smart Bombs = Smart Profits!

(To the tune of The Hokey Pokey)
By Mya Cash and Richard Anyou, NYC Billionaires for Bush’s War (aka, Jennifer L. Pozner and Emily Wilson)

You send some ground troops in,
and then you let them loose.
You send some ground troops in
and you shake your rich caboose.

You do the corporate shuffle
as the bombs begin to fall.
It’s all about the oil! Hey!

We make smart bombs and tanks.
We make mini-nukes, too.
We make cluster bombs and ammo,
and we’ll sell it all to you.

We do the corporate shuffle
as the bombs begin to fall.
It’s all about the oil! Hey!

We bought Bush and Dick.
We bought Condi, too.
We’ve got Congress in our pockets
and we tell ’em what to do.

We do the corporate shuffle
as the bombs begin to fall.
It’s all about the oil! Hey!

YOU’ put’ your’ taxes in.
You watch your paycheck shrink.
You do some patriotic shopping,
but be careful not to think.

You do the corporate shuffle
as the bombs begin to fall.
It’s all about the oil! Hey!

Paid for by the Billionaires for Bush’s War
a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NYC Billionaires for Bush & Bloomberg.
For more information see

(Sung to the tune of The Fixing To Die Rag, by Country Joe & the Fish
By Mya Cash and Richard Anyou, NYC Billionaires for Bush’s War (aka, Jennifer L. Pozner and Emily Wilson)

Come on all you rich white men
Uncle Sam needs your weapons again
We’ve got ourselves in a wonderful fight
With any luck we’ll start bombing tonight

So, cook all your books
And sell all your guns
We’re gonna have a whole lotta fun.

And it’s 1, 2, 3 ‘
We know what we’re fighting for
A rise in our Ratheon stocks
Each time that we strike Iraq

And it’s 5, 6, 7
No need to investigate
The media don’t wonder why
Too bad ‘ they’re all gonna die!

Come on all you CEOs,
Let’s all toast our corporate ‘hos
Dubya’s waitin’ for us to say when
And Uncle Sam’s pumpin’ oil again
So, Army boys:
Get ready to go!
We’re gonna make a whole lotta dough!

And it’s 1, 2, 3, we know what we’re fighting for’ “

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Billionaires for Bush or Gore

Somehow I missed this website back around the election time, and I don’t totally agree with their comparison of Bush and Gore, it is amusing, and it hopefully would remind the Democrats that they need to stand up and set a clearly different vision for this country’s future if they want any one to vote for them.

Check out the suckers page and the return on investment page for a cynical chuckle. Of course, these numbers seem skewed, and it would be impossible to prove the cause and effect, but it is thought provoking none the less. It makes it obvious that the inherent murkiness means we should clean the whole damn thing up once and for all and get rid of campaign contributions or at least the opportunity for things like media manipulation to alter the equal hearing of each candidate/party’s platform.

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the World Says No to WAR

CNN is covering the story. I can’t believe it.
It is so heart-warming to know that there are at least millions of people around the world willing to stand up and speak for peace.

Tomorrow’s rally and march should be fun!

Uncategorized 15 Feb 2003 11:47 am

Chimera browser

The Chimera Project is a sharp little browser, different from Safari, but it supports my toolbar javascriptlets, which is nice.
Well, it did for awhile, now the blog a page script doesn’t seem to work!!

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I’m Steve I’m a supervillain

Funny switch parody

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