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Uncategorized 31 May 2002 06:47 am

Battle bots without the really sharp axe

Java robots. programmable. I think i am going to enjoy this.

Uncategorized 28 May 2002 11:02 pm

Resistance is Futile

This article from the economist was interesting if not one more reason to be disturbed. Ahh, but maybe I am falsely conditioning your resistance 🙂

Uncategorized 26 May 2002 06:17 am

Mailmen clarified

Ok. Bill got the same answer I did. In the process I clarified somethings. You can see my program here.
I was a little bleary-eyed when i was working on it last night. But now, I understand why my answer worked.

fun fun.

Uncategorized 25 May 2002 09:31 pm


Today was fun. It was really warm so we went to the reservoir. Also, Kristin had gotten me a wonderful anniversary present that
I wanted to try out. Man was it fun. I paddled up and down the reservoir while Kristin and Paco played in the water by the launch ramp. Not sure why she didn’t want to try it, but I had a blast.

Last year when we got the canoe, my hope was to go all the time, and for quite a while we did. However, I found myself wanting to go even more. The canoe is a lot for one person. This fits the bill perfectly. Now, before work in the mornings I can head over to the reservoir and get in a paddle.

Just what I wanted.

After a little practice, I hope to get a wetsuit and take it to the surf. That should be a lot of fun. And maybe a nice first step towards surfing.

Uncategorized 25 May 2002 04:00 am

Math fun

Recreational Math Problems
Listed the problem below. I worked out a solution using a little program, mostly as a time saver
for all the necessary steps, and in preparation for solving another harder problem.
I have an answer I think. Actually I have many answers :-). But one particular, seems liek it should be right, but
I don’t know why. Email me if you try it and want to see my program and the answer I came up with.
I know I am missing something, but not sure what.

9. Mailmen
Level of difficulty: 3-4
You overhear two mailmen having the following conversation:

A: I know you have three sons. How old are they?

B: If you take their ages, expressed in years, and multiply
these numbers, you’ll get a number equal to your age.

A: But that’s not enough information!

B: The sum of these three numbers equals the number of windows
in that building (indicates a building).

A: Hmm…(pause). But it’s still not enough information!

B: My middle son is red-haired.

A: Ah, now it’s clear!

9.1. How old are the three sons?

(You may assume if necessary that mailmen, being government employees, are between the ages of 18 and 65.)

Uncategorized 18 May 2002 05:32 am


Puzzles! My brain! It is alive after all!

Playstation 2 kicks ass. I want one.

Attack of the clones was really good. We saw it on opening night. What a bunch of geeks 🙂

Tomorrow’s Saturday!

Uncategorized 13 May 2002 10:34 pm


Ok. I must obviously be a transplant, because I thought this was pretty exciting. Recent Earthquakes – Map for 122-37
It sent the house back and forth a couple of times, and our dog Paco started barking.
I went into the kitchen, and the hanging lamp was swinging back and forth. Now I know what to do in an earthquake 🙂

Uncategorized 06 May 2002 08:49 pm

Oh Boy. The world is going to be forever different. .. . Not

The new book by Stephen Wolfram,Barnes & – A New Kind of Science
has finally been published. I noticed because apparently I pre-ordered it a year ago. I had totally forgotten. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading it as it has been hyped as earthshaking by the author for years now. We’ll see.

Uncategorized 03 May 2002 01:58 am

Pragmatic Programmer

This is the book to keep handy for reassuring little snippets of essay from others that confirms how you think it is supposed to work.
I wonder if there is a class at universities based off this book? Seems like there should be.