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Uncategorized 27 Apr 2002 12:16 am

Strange Days

Today on my ay home from work, I stopped at the 7-11 to get some gum. As I was walking to my car, I felt something weird on my head and heard a flapping noise. I reached up and it was gone, but a bird had landed on my head. I turned around and there was a medium sized black bird sitting in a tree. I looked around to see if anyone else had seen it, sort of to confirm my suspicion that a bird really had landed on my head. There were two rather amazed-looking, and laughing guys on the sidewalk. It had happened.

That’s pretty weird. So, I called my wife on my way to the house because I had to tell someone. She says, “That’s weird I had a dream, last night, that a bird landed on my head.”

I am not making it up. Unfortunately it is very hard to search for bird-landing-on-your-head omens on Google. At least I couldn’t find anything.

I am not a kook, I just figure something that weird happens and maybe it does mean something. (No, I don’t use a shampoo with bird feed as a major ingredient.

Uncategorized 20 Apr 2002 09:54 am

MMW – 4/20

Medeski, Martin, and Wood tonight at the Warfield, balcony seats.

Time to throw down and cut loose. I can’t wait. Dancing to some serious jams tonight at the Warfield.

Supposed to be some special guests there as well.

These guys play some great music. What a nice way to end 5 months of pain-in-the-ass 🙂

Uncategorized 20 Apr 2002 09:49 am

It feels good to be a gangster

Ok. I am done putting 500 hours a week into this project at work. It is being beta tested this week,
and although it is slow as dirt, I have 3 weeks of normal work hours to fix the performance issues.

No more! I am psyched to start using my freetime again. And next week is SD West. Yes!

I feel like I should go beat up an inkjet printer or something.

Uncategorized 06 Apr 2002 10:16 am


Kind of amusing, not sure how I got there. Anyway, it wasn’t really funny until I got to Lazygoth.Tamagothi Homepage!