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Uncategorized 03 Mar 2002 08:22 am

El futuro de Cuba libre

University of Miami School of Law: my good friend Porpoise seems to be keeping busy in his last year of law school.

I can’t speak to Cuba’s issues, but I always appreciate a good Cuban cigar whenever I leave the country.

How do you give back land that has been expropriated from people for half a century?
Falls in with the question of reparations for victims of war crimes and other atrocities committed by nations. Unless you can track exactly where the property went it seems impossible.
Unfortunately, I don’t have time today to mull it over as I am back to work now 🙁

I see the end in sight though and it is holding a beer and having a vacation 🙂

Uncategorized 03 Mar 2002 05:38 am

Macros are cool. Macros are cool.

When you are working on a system and there are 16-19 places where an attribute needs to be edited when you change the way it works, you know that…

it’s time to refactor about 8 months ago, but …

you weren’t working on the project 8 months ago…

someone else was…

and the business folks had given them a deadline from dreamland…

but now you do have to work on it, and the tedium is driving you nuts!

Behold – CTRL-X-( “then type your exact edit keystrokes” CTRL-X-). Voilá you have created an emacs macro. CTRL-X-e will have it do your bidding whenever you want. SWEEEET. For more on macros refer to the O’Reilly GNU Emacs book p 283, or go to the keyboard macro section of the gnu manual online.

back to work.