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Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is up. Our friend Jen is one of the people making this happen. She is working on a grant from a law firm to help make people aware of the legalities of cease-and-desist letters. Right on.

Dan Gillmor even gave it a mention.

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Does it bother anyone else?

FTC commissioner Swindle. No, not a scandal in the FTC. A commissioner named Swindle.

It makes me very Leary .


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Nothing for now

I have been completely swamped ripping my whole music collection onto mp3 in iTunes, and have thus not been able to blog. haha. No actually, my project for work will not die. I miss the sunshine. I miss fresh air. I miss sniffing glue. Who needs glue when you have ATG dynamo.

Object oriented programming done wrong can be a very bad thing.

Muzak 15 Feb 2002 04:57 am

Langston Hughes Weary Blues

Weary Blues is a great album! Langston hughes speaking his poetry over music by Charles Mingus and Leonard Feather. Wow. I never would have guessed that his voice sounded the way it does. It has a sing-song quality.

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Ok. Ok. you can keep the stupid energy commission papers!

Yahoo! News – Photo

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Not to worry

Culture Magnet I didn’t think it was a barb :-).

Speaking of culture, I am still interested in this question, “Is Flash an American art, like jazz?” Seems like the first issue is what is an “American” art. Does it have to be produced by Americans? Does it have to reflect a part of our culture? Does it just have to be invented here first?

This makes me wonder about a bigger question, “Will globalization destroy the creation of new unique, indigenous arts?” I guess this has been discussed a lot before under the concern of homogenization of cultures.

I remember being a little kid and driving to see my grandparents on my mom’s side. It was always fascinating to go and see what kinds of music my aunt Nancy was listening to on the radio. Well, I don’t know if she was listening to it all the time, but I always turned on my transistor radio when we would get in range. I started tuning to a station that I am pretty sure she had been listening to one time we were down. I think it was FM105, in Owensboro. Very different rock than what we were listening to in Lexington.
It gave me the feeling that I was indeed far away. (2 hours is a long time in a car for a 7 year old). This other place not only took a long time to get to, they had another music that was a different dialect of what we had. What I remember listening to in Lexington was pop, oldies and some album oriented rock on FM. The other stuff had more of a country twang to it. I could be wrong. I just never remember recognizing any of the songs, even though it sounded like pop too.

At some point later when I would go back, I guess while I was in college, I would see kids dressed like little gangsters from MTV. These kids live in a town of what, — 8,000 people. Yet, no difference in appearance from kids in Louisville and Lexington. The two towns had become a lot more alike, and it looked like MTV. Blecchhh.

There are still tons of differences, but less and less each passing year so it seems. I like unique expression from peoples. I like that you can tell a general group from another. It represents a variation of response to the same set of stimuli that every human being has to deal with as they live life.

There are of course, huge fluctuations in available resources like money, education, healthcare, and clean food and water, and opportunity. I would like every group to have all the resources it needs to flourish. Then we would see each group’s expression evolve and be able to express the finer points of each’s perspective. It would be a much more interesting culture to live in if their were many thriving groups who individuated. Silicon Valley has a lot more of this than Kentucky did when I was there. it is great to work and hang out with people who have such different backgrounds and beliefs. In contrast, it always amuses me to fly home for the holidays. You change planes in St. Louis and everyone is either white or black. (That and you can smell the cigarette smoke as you walk up the ramp from the plane).

!!! wait, these are cultural differences between the 2 places !!!! Cool.

(Also, it is important to note, Kentucky gets a bad rap from people in a lot of other states. I am constantly impressed by people I have known from Kentucky and the things they have done. The more I am away from it, the more I can appreciate it. …….. :-). I didn’t mean it like that. I am serious. I am reminded of the good things about KY each time I go home and also each time I deal with some dweeb out here who has a phD in physics or rocks, sticks, and grass, yet can’t seem to hold a conversation or tie her shoes. Oops did I say “her”.

How about exhibiting some good old common sense people!!!! You might even be able to fix your own workstation problems if you just used some common sense. Oops. I am completely off-topic and no one who I know that might read this is even remotely an intended target of the “you” refered to above. Ughhm. Anyway, back onto a topic where we can make a positive contribution, I hope.

So, I am still thinking about this question of what is an American art, but I don’t feel much closer to an answer (not just because the rant :-). I hope though that the answer will help us to recognize and preserve that which is characteristic and unique among our origins and cultures even as we sit in the same traffic lines, watch the same tv, listen to the same music, and become subject to the same global concerns.
(Thank you, you can send campaign donations to … Sam the Eagle)

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Hmmm. CA, KY, and NY.

American Views by Russet Lederman. Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t describe stuff? That you should just point to it?

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Flash and American Art

Culture Magnet … ow! I feel so pedantic now 🙂 Nice site. I really enjoy the animations.

Hmmm. It just occurred to me that Flash might be considered as a new “American” art. It is easy to think of websites in general as art, especially with things like hyperfiction. They are not American in origin though. It is of course obvious to think of Flash as art. However, I am just now mastering the obvious. I kind of fell out of website making as Flash was picking up steam. I was focused on business apps and databases on the backend while others (with those talents) were doing the front ends.

Anyway, can it be considered an American art form that the rest of the world has picked up on (like Jazz)? It was invented in America at macromedia right? Of course, is flash different from the already existing art form of cartoon animation? I would say “Yes a lot different.” Hmm.

Ok, its fun not to think about politics as well. Especially if I want to relax. Here is what I am currently enjoying. Woodworking just amazes me. Apparently, there are a lot of wood workers in Northern California. A lot of really good ones too. It’s amazing to think this guy has been doing this for 50 years. Seems like that is definitely one cool approach to achieving “happiness”™

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Michael Moore

i recently blogged about Michael Moore, and while I felt his links to other information put together a good story, I feel that he hurts his own cause.

I feel anger about the unceasing greed of corporations like Enron. I also think the number one issue that we need to focus on as a population is reforming campaign finance so that we can get our representatives back. i also want to be able to persuade reasonable people that the cause is just and that those who promote it are reasonable minded people. A rant does not come off that way, no matter how many good points you make. No one will have heard them. Several friends made this clear to me, thanks.

I guess that’s the difference between journalism and op-ed – the ability to keep your own emotions out of the reporting. Good thing I am a programmer 🙂

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Happiness is…

Dragging and dropping a jpg screenshot from a Mac window to a Virtual PC Win2k window and it getting copied just fine 🙂

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