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Uncategorized 30 Jan 2002 10:15 am

San Jose Snow

Jan. 29, 2002 Photo of the day

Uncategorized 30 Jan 2002 02:40 am

But,… it’s good koolaid!

I made the leap into the Apple world yesterday. My very own dual 1 ghz power mac g4 with 1.5 gb ram and 80 gb harddrive. I am just learning it, but I was able to figure out some things in short order. iPhoto is really cool. I have been wanting to just go and take pictures everywhere as sort of a chronicle of events and mini-adventures, no I can and I can easily organize them all. Of course, now I need photoshop to fix all the blips 🙂
Oh well, one thing at a time.

Uncategorized 26 Jan 2002 07:07 am

Opera Browser

Opera is a really cool browser. I think it will become my standard browser. I have tweaked and played with it for the last day or so while doing other things and I am able to everything I could do before, plus several other things. Like automatically searching/looking up in dictionary/encyclopedia any selected text, and the zooming in and out of a web page is fun. Though I don’t expect I’ll use it that much. I also like that it lets you choose which user agent to bill yourself as so as to deal with web site operators who are still learning how to program boundary cases :-).

Also, it does javascript so all of my bookmarklets for things like blogging, and my bookmark pages work. Even though I had to tweak the post to mt blog bookmarklet for some reason. My guess is that some part of the DOM manipulation it was doing was not supported by Opera. Not a priority at this time to figure out.

Uncategorized 25 Jan 2002 05:42 am

I’m Serious! You’re not the BIOS of me.

They mean it! This looks really cool. Not the frying yourself part, but the creation of custom BIOS’s. I got to thinking about how to install software that runs as soon as the machine comes on and is pretty hardwired. Also, about how you can compact standard things like ethernet drivers and serial modem drivers into firmware. I ended up at the lanl site, but along the way hit
Fun looking stuff off of there.

I am curious about why the lanl guys need to pull the flash and throw in the DiskOnChip while it is running. Isn’t there a programmer for the disk on chip? I obviously will need to research this more.

Uncategorized 22 Jan 2002 03:40 am

Robots and Blogs

So, I realized that if I did not set up some robot exclusion for my blog archive, when the Googlebot hit my site I would have an off-by-2 error in my new googlewhack. Thus it would not be a googlewhack.
The entry is also archived in the weekly and daily archives, so that is two more entries the robot would have picked up. I imagine it would have listed them as optional entries, but I was being a purist in my play and turned down some whacks that had a second optional entry.

Uncategorized 22 Jan 2002 03:25 am

Programming google with a new entry, and then I am going to sleep, really.

Wait for it:
“site enfeloned”.
“site” is 191,000,000.
“enfeloned” is 8 (optionally 9).
Total only 1,528,000,000.

This is an entirely different game, programming google 🙂
Also, if it hadn’t taken so long to find an unused combination with “site” I would feel bad about seeding the first game.

Uncategorized 22 Jan 2002 02:41 am

Words, not words, but popular, best yet

So, “www” is not a word, but it pulls in the highest of anything I have searched on at 600,000,000. Surprise.
No, com is 748,000,000.
Ok, “us” is technically a word, and searching it pulls back 225,000,000, but of course there is a lot of U.S. in there as well. I don’t think that should count since the words barely outweigh the noise.

Ok, “site” is my current best at 191,000,000.

Uncategorized 22 Jan 2002 02:33 am

New Game

Ok, here is a twist on the game. Find the one word that is most popular via google. I am going with “free”. Currently, 182,000,000. I mean 182,000,002.

Uncategorized 22 Jan 2002 12:23 am


For Googlewhacking, I have at least finally found a two word combo with only one entry: platter vinuous. Unfortunately, with platter at 418,000 and vinuos at 490, that is only a score of 204,820,000. Way behind the leaders.

Ok, here is my best, I am done for awhile:
upgrade conglobate.
conglobate=884. Total =
Actually linux conglobate is
42,874,000,000, but I don’t think linux should count.

What is most fun about this is the amusing combinations that came up while testing my strategy.
For example, “digital hummus”, “computational rutabaga”, “iterate babushka”, and last but not least “processing yokel”.

Uncategorized 21 Jan 2002 11:34 pm


UnBlinking: Googlewhacking: The Search for The One

Ok. I should be making a ui, but I have to blow a few minutes trying to come up with a query with a single result. I like this site’s amusing self-referential defeat discussion. The trick is to find a phrase that has no entries and say that you found it by adding it to your site 🙂 Or something.

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