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Uncategorized 23 Dec 2001 12:08 am

Philosophy of Smalltalk

I like what they wanted to achieve with their language.

Uncategorized 15 Dec 2001 07:56 am

Monster! Monster! Monster Bots!

I described my battle bot to somebody in an email today, and it was accurate enough that I need to preserve it. I have been thinking that it would be fun to create little ants using pic microcontrollers with basic locomotion apparatus. Give them some basic swarm rules of operation, and then take them on battle bots. My theory is that a couple hundred ant bots with swarm technology could defeat one of the large, industrial, saw-wielding bots by managing to get inside the works and gumming things up. Basically, jam the saw, and then jam the motor and the wheels. Maybe it would take more than a couple hundred. Also, I am amused by the site of the announcer calling out the beginning of the match.
“In this corner, Gigantor, weighing in at 65 lbs with a large saw blade.” The camera shows a large gnarly looking hunk of metal with geeky inventor standing next to it holding an RC control.
“In this corner,…, uhh, …, a bunch of ants!” Camera shows dumping of a large 100 gallon bucket of tiny ant bots onto the floor.

Also, it would get over what I consider serious cheating in Battle Bots. Namely, the use of RC controllers. That’s a pretty lame robot that has no brains. It should know how to do something!