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Apple &Software 20 Nov 2007 05:59 pm

10.5.1 Kills Safari

I updated to 10.5.1 and Safari wouldn’t launch. Instead, it told me I could not use this app with this version of OS X.

This article on the Apple support discussion board has a fix for the problem.

Broken permissions. So, the quick solution. Drag the app (Safari) to the desktop, and then back to Applications. That essentially fixes the permissions. WTF Apple?

Apple &Art &Miscellaneous &Software 15 Aug 2006 12:39 am

Exposé Screenshot Fractal – or – OS X Navel Gazing

(Click to see a full screen shot with a code snippet in Haskell inside Emacs)

OK. This is pretty silly, but I realized that by using Expose, and taking successive pictures of the screen, and then opening that picture and repeating the process that I could create a little fractal image.

Apple &Programming Languages &Software 13 Aug 2006 06:13 pm

Haskell School of Expression and X11 on Intel Macs

For all those who might want to learn Haskell with the cool multimedia approach of Hudak, in Haskell School of Expression, and who use an Intel Mac, here’s a helpful piece of advice that it took me some time to hunt down.

I installed the XCode tools and the X11SDK.pkg, but the X11 app launcher that is supposed to show up in /Applications/Utilities never showed up. After looking around, I found someone’s answer in the comment section at The UNoffical Apple Weblog. Thanks! Essentially, you need to do a search on the Install Disk 1 of your OS X media, and you will find the X11User.pkg in /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Installation/Packages/X11User.pkg. Install that and you should be able to run X11 which is required to run the graphics apps in the School of Expression. I have no idea why Apple does not provide a link to it in the install windows. Or why I and others couldn’t find it if they did.

One more thing to make X11 easier to use. For me, it came up in full screen mode. Thus I could not see any of my other apps. COMMAND-OPTION-A will toggle. Then you can go to the X11 preferences, and unclick the Enter Full Screen Mode so that you can use the X Windows side by side with your quartz windows. See Apple’s Notes for more info.

Apple 07 Jun 2006 11:33 pm

The Omni Group – Applications – OmniDazzle

A new application beta is available from the Omni Group, called OmniDazzle

It’s a great little piece of eye-candy that makes your mouse more visible and many other things.


Apple &Miscellaneous &Software 29 Apr 2006 08:46 pm

Startup School 2006

Well, Startup School 2006 is over. It was a lot of fun. Most of the talks reiterated things that I knew, but still it is always good to get a refresher.

Most enjoyable was the joint editing done in SubEthaEdit on the talks as they progressed. The notes are posted on the wiki.

Here’s a screen shot of the collaborative editing in SubEthaEdit. The really cool thing is that Dan Moniz and John Wiseman were taking snapshots every 10 minutes and posting them to the wiki. A sort of live feed of the aggregating responses of a group of people to the event.

Apple 09 Apr 2006 08:40 pm

Calculation Service in Most OS X Apps

A MacinTouch thread recently mentioned that in pretty much any application, you can highlight a formula, such as 2 * 3.14, and press Command-Shift-8 to evaluate the formula. It even works in Safari and changes the value in the web page.


Apple 09 Apr 2006 06:19 pm

Corsair ValueSelect Memory vs MacBook Pro

So, I love my new MacBook Pro, but I noticed that three times in the last week it has rebooted itself. This is, of course, unacceptable. I ran the hardware diagnostics that came with it, and they reported that everything was fine.

I downloaded a memory test utility called Memtest and ran it. After a while of running, the system rebooted itself, and it did this consistently on multiple runs. So, I took out the Corsair ValueSelect 1gb memory sodimm, and re-ran the tests. They completed successfully. A Google search for ‘Corsair memory Macbook pro’ turned up Corsair’s own help forum where many people reported this memory not working with their MacBook’s.

I am returning the memory to Fry’s. Unfortunately, they don’t have another line of memory that has positive reports. They carry Mushkin, which other people have reported causing reboots, and they carry Patriot, but the series they have has not had any reports at all. Patriot, based in Fremont, did recently announce a Signature line of memory just for the Intel iMacs and the MacBook Pro, which has a different product number, so I am guessing the other product line is not certified and may have problems (better safe than sorry.)

I have had success with Crucial memory in the past and there have been positive reports of using Crucial Memory with MacBook Pros, so I ordered a stick from them which will hopefully work. Since removing the Corsair memory, I have had no other reboots, but it was only this morning, so, I am keeping my eyes open.

Since the reboots leave no trace in any log that I could find, I am trying a trick to tell if it has rebooted. I opened textedit and created an unsaved document that says “I am here” in it. If that goes away, I can assume that I had a reboot. If anyone has a better way to detect a reboot, I would be glad to hear about it.

Apple 06 Apr 2006 01:29 pm

Apple – Support – Downloads – MacBook Pro (early 2006) Firmware Update 1.0

A MacBook Pro (early 2006) Firmware Update 1.0 has been released. It’s kind of vague. I installed it and everything seems to be fine. Not sure what exactly it changes, some mentioned the CPU whine issue.

FOLLOWUP: Some are reporting that it is in order to allow booting Windows XP

Apple &Software 05 Apr 2006 05:28 pm

Ranchero Software: MarsEdit 1.1.2

Blog editor from Ranchero software:MarsEdit. I just downloaded MarsEdit and my initial impression is that it rocks. After editing a bunch of blog entries using the MovableType web interface, it is really nice to use a real desktop app to do the editing. Even better that it is well-done.

I have been using NetNewsWire for a long time and have always loved it for RSS feed reading. I had not upgraded to 2.0 because I knew that the built-in weblog editor was going away, even though I had stopped using that too.

Well, with the new MacBook, I looked at NetNewsWire 2.0 again and realized it was a free upgrade. So, I upgraded, and it is a great improvement over 1.x. However, this, of course, took away the weblog editor I wasn’t using.

So, the pain of online editing with MovableType pushed me to try it, and I am glad that I did. Here’s an example of how nice it is:

I pointed it at my blog and it did all the work to figure out what kind of blog software it was and where the login and configuration would be, then it just asked me for the correct credentials and that was all I had to do.

As I edit, I can see previews without the round-trip to the server. Also, it has spell-checking and all kinds of other goodies. It also supports several markup languages.

Apple 05 Apr 2006 04:49 pm

Subversion Tool

The nicest of the Subversion tools for the mac, other than those integrated into some IDE, is SVNX. Admittedly, I mostly use the command line, or Eclipse, but this is decent in other circumstances.

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